What We Do

We believe that though talent is evenly distributed across the globe, opportunities are not. We work with young people, businesses, and the community to address inequalities and produce a fairer city. Here’s how:

youth empowerment

We support young people to improve their wellbeing, develop new skills, become role models, and start their dream careers. Learn More

recruitment support

We connect local businesses with a diverse and ambitious pool of young talent, who they may otherwise struggle to reach.  Learn More

workplace inclusion

We build attractive and fair work environments with our inclusion training and strategic support. Learn More 

I'm a young person

support young people

Our Impact

Since 2013, we’ve helped over 4000 young people become more confident or move into work, education, or business – with around 400 joining our programmes each year.


last year

In 2023 Babbasa supported 580 young people through our programmes.

I felt that I faced a barrier in my race as there isn’t a lot of black people in film, media and tv. Those that were, were either not represented well and had stereotypes or they were not high in the executive decisions. After completing work experience with Silverback studios through Babbasa on their Placement Programme and going to Channel 4’s special recording at The Beacon Centre, I knew that Babbasa would help me to get the career I wanted so that I could change this. 

– Abiola 
    Babbasa Youth Ambassador

  • 63% became economically active and feel more capable and confident about their career
  • 33% accessed work opportunities
  • 5% were supported into further education or training
  •  7% moved into enterprise 



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