Empowering Our Future Leaders

We inspire and support young people in Bristol to pursue their ambitions through skills training, professional mentoring, events & recruitment support services. 

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What We Do

We believe that though talent is evenly distributed across the globe, opportunities are not. We work with young people, businesses, and the community to address inequalities and produce a fairer city. Here’s how:

youth empowerment

We support young people to improve their wellbeing, develop new skills, become role models, and start their dream careers. Learn More

recruitment support

We connect local businesses with a diverse and ambitious pool of young talent, who they may otherwise struggle to reach.  Learn More

workplace inclusion

We build attractive and fair work environments with our inclusion training and strategic support. Learn More 

Babbasa In Action

I'm a young person

support young people

Our Impact

Since 2013, we’ve helped over 2,200 young people become more confident or move into work, education, or business – with around 300 joining our programmes each year.


per annum

“I’ve learnt many key skills and things you don’t learn in school, which are essential in life. I just completed my A-levels and am going to study Economics and Management at Cardiff University. I can’t wait.”

– Zainab

  • feel more capable and confident about their career – 91%
  • move into volunteering or work placements – 43%
  • move into paid work – 21%
  • go into further education – 15%
  • start their own enterprise – 7%