Creative Industries Internship


We’re a brand agency in the heart of Bristol with a team of over 90 people, spanning across multiple disciplines, from strategy and copy to design and motion graphics. We work with the world’s biggest FMCG brands in over 100 countries. We’ve been building brands for over 30 years and we believe that most people ignore brands because most brands ignore people.

We’re different.

We put people first. 

The Epoch Academy is Epoch’s internship programme. It’s all about giving people a chance. We understand how difficult it can be to get a head start in our industry, so if we see talent, we want to help. Much more than an internship programme, the Epoch Academy offers paid placements packed with enriching creative experiences. 

Our internships are granted via the Epoch Academy Workshop, a fast-paced day of strategic thinking, brand building and creative collaboration. It’s a chance to get hands-on experience in ideation and conception as well as brand identity, personality and tone of voice. 

You’ll meet other creatives, have some fun and get an idea of how it feels to work in an agency like Epoch.


Application Procedure

For more information and to apply for this role, please visit the Epoch webpage here.

The deadline for applications is 15th March 2024

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