Youth Ambassador, Jeril hosted Ask About Me in 2019

Babbasa is looking for young people to become its Youth Ambassadors for 2019/2020!

The Youth Ambassadors are a team of ambitious, hard-working and resilient young people (aged 16-25) working together — with training from Babbasa — to help gain invaluable work experience, network with professionals in their industry, and drive social change.

Youth Ambassadors have been given responsibilities such as organising our flagship Ask About Me event in the past – a networking event where 100 young people get the chance to receive advice from, and connect with 100 industry professionals.

Watch a highlight video of this year’s Ask About Me event, run by our Youth Ambassadors:

Is this right for me?

We’re looking for young people aged 16-25 who are:

  • Ambitious but come from underrepresented communities (e.g. black and minority ethnic, women, disabled and young people in care),
  • Talented but lack the support networks to thrive, or
  • Are enterprising but have little or no commercial awareness or soft skills

What does Babbasa ask from its Youth Ambassadors?

  1. Time commitment — Youth Ambassadors will have to commit to the equivalent of two hours of work per week
  2. To demonstrate drive and passion to deliver the objectives of the Youth Ambassador Programme to the best of your ability
  3. To demonstrate the resilience and strength to overcome challenges during the Youth Ambassador Programme
  4. To be willing to work in a team with other young people and listen to and share ideas
  5. Organise and run an intergenerational event which gives young people a political platform to talk with local authorities and influencers.
  6. Raise funds for Babbasa by organising events and activities

What do Youth Ambassadors get in return?

  1. Gain important soft skills e.g leadership, confidence, communication skills etc
  2. First-hand experience in event and project management
  3. Opportunity to enhance your social capital and build your CV
  4. Opportunity to build a professional network
  5. Become part of a supportive network of like-minded peers
  6. Become a Babbasa Trailblazer
  7. Guaranteed a professional mentor

Our Outreach and Engagement Lead, Pravanya who works closely with our Youth Ambassadors said: “Youth Ambassadors are young people who want to make a difference.

“They can see the social issues in their area and they’re working towards improving the world around them.

“They’re friendly, enthusiastic, and driven people with a great sense of humour who will benefit from the training, support, work experience, and life experience that Babbasa offers.”

Interested? Sign up to our briefing here, which takes place on Wednesday, July 17th at Redbrick House.