Our new community hub will be at the site of the former Door & Rivet Cafe on Upper York Street, Bristol BS2 8QR

We’re moving! After some wonderful years at Redbrick House, and having supported hundreds of young people, we are moving to a brand new community hub.

We are delighted to announce that we have been successful in securing a lease in St Paul’s (Bristol) and initial seed funding for the project.

We now need further financial or in-kind support, to the tune of £29K, to cover the cost of items including furniture, flooring, tech equipment, a kitchen suite, indoor/outdoor decorations, and renovation work.

We invite you to make a donation and help us to create a safe, secure, and hopefully a stylish and modern space for our young people.

Why are we moving?

We are really excited to be transitioning into a much larger space that will allow us to have an even bigger impact in the Bristol community.

Central to the Babbasa ‘experience’ has always been the creation of the Babbasa Hub – a physical space, other than home or school, designed to inspire, develop and support young people to pursue their ambitions. The Babbasa hub is envisioned as an office space and a social café, that reflects a subliminal unifying theme of history, achievements and a can-do attitude.

After getting feedback from young people, we are confident that our new space in St Paul’s will allow us to fulfil our vision and provide our young people with everything that they need within one multi-purpose hub. Young people will have the freedom to be able to drop by, either for a chat or to work on projects. We will also have more space for our workshop training, 1-2-1 sessions and larger events with our key partners.

Where are we moving?

It has long been our ambition to find a new home that would allow us to expand our award-winning work, but naturally, finding a central location with a large open space and affordable rates has been tough. So when a new space became available at the former site of the Door & Rivet Cafe on Upper York Street, we saw an amazing opportunity to create an innovative community hub, and we jumped.

Of course, the great offer meant that not everything was going to be perfect. The building needs a lot of TLC to get it back to its former glory, including some essential renovations and redecorating.

When are we moving?

Our lease at Redbrick House will end at the end of June, which means that we have just over a month to make a huge transition to our new hub.

Get Involved

The table below provides a breakdown of the key goods and services that we will need over the coming months, as well as a rough price for each item. Get involved by offering either a financial gift and/or an in-kind donation towards the resources required. You can make a personal financial donation by clicking here. For companies, please download the corporate sponsorship pack here.

Donation / Fundraising Items Budget
1Office furniture & Lighting 4K
2Flooring i.e heating & insulation4K
3Courtyard landscaping & decorations1K
5Security systems e.g. alarm, CCTV & intercom2K
6Courtyard furniture & decorations1K
7Tech & IT Support e.g. tablets, plasma screen etc5K
8Accessible Toilet Conversion2K
9Security entrance doors3K
10Advisory Support ie risk, design etc3K
Estimated Total£29,000

Benefits & Next Steps

The Babbasa Hub appeal provides you and your company an opportunity to deliver on Responsible Business Strategy objectives. In return for your financial give and/or in-kind support, Babbasa will aim to:

  1. Increase the brand visibility of your company in minority communities.
  2. Offer meaningful social responsibility engagements in Bristol inner-city communities and access to recruit young talents.
  3. Offer you opportunities to develop an inclusive culture and reputation as an employer and service provider of choice.
  4. Directly support Babbasa to assist at least 300 young people from ethnically diverse and disadvantaged communities to fulfil their professional ambitions – over the next 3 years.

For further inquiries or to make a corporate donation, please contact:

Appeal Enquiry

 Hannah Young, e-mail: hannah.young@byep.org.uk Phone: 0117 329 0717

About Babbasa

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