Global events, research and technology services company, GDS Group has crowned Babbasa as their charity of the year for 2021.


Our Bristol, Our World Youth Conference 2019, Babbasa, Bristol City Hall


Every year the GDS Group selects one charity to champion and focus their fundraising efforts towards. And this year Babbasa, the award-winning Bristol youth empowerment social enterprise, based in St Pauls, is selected for this honour thanks to their continued efforts to uplift and nurture the talents of Bristol’s ethnic minority and low-income young people across inner city Bristol.

The partnership of this large and influential organisation means there is a significant support for Babbasa’s growth and their focus on  scaling up aimed at helping work ready young people find high quality work opportunities. This will not just take the form of charity fundraising but will also include offering work experience and mentoring for Babbasa’s young people. Mike Farrell, Vice President Operations of GDS Group said “These are trying times for young people socially, mentally, and crucially, occupationally. Babbasa’s ongoing commitment to the next generation of young people entering the professional world of work is commendable and performs a vital service not just for the communities in Bristol but the wider business world too”.

This support could not have come at a better time as effects of COVID-19 continue to have devastating impacts on some of Bristol’s most vulnerable young people. Babbasa’s Bridge to Equality Report found that young people in Bristol anticipate less stable employment opportunities than before COVID-19, reflecting a national picture where 40% of young people see their future career prospect as ‘bleak’, with 14% experiencing fear. Many young people also reported that though their career goals did not change, they feel ‘stuck’ and ‘frustrated’ due to their inability to progress at this period. Spencer Green, Chairman and Founder of GDS Group, “Covid-19 has detrimentally effected the employment opportunities being dealt to ethnic minority and low-income young professionals. Our charitable partnership with Babbasa is indicative of GDS’ support and desire to afford these individuals not just with the opportunities to work but to excel in the modern organization”.

Look out for some of GDS’ fundraising and work experience opportunities coming out later in the year!