We are delighted to introduce Chelsea Dow, who has supported our City Of Change campaign through LettUsGrow.

Why did you join the City Of Change campaign?

We have hosted Babbasa placements before and really enjoyed it. Our team is always looking to share knowledge and experience with the next generation. The City Of Change campaign is a perfect opportunity to embark on hosting placements again.

What do you think young people may contribute to your company?

First and foremost with our vertical farm. Our farm requires hands on work which would be perfect for someone wanting to get stuck into farm tasks. The young person can see how our plants grow, how our systems work and the day to day life of a vertical farmer.

We also use placements on our engineering team. This is to assist in designing, building and coding our systems and farm management software.

Finally, having a young person contribute to our Marketing and Comms team is very useful for us, specifically assisting and contributing to our social media platforms.

What do you hope younger people may contribute to your company?

Diverse ideas. A voice for the younger generations. Feedback and honesty. A strong tie to the climate and a passion to make responsible choices.

What do you think companies may be missing by having a lack of younger voices/influence in the company?

A company without young voices is a company lacking diversity of thought and ideas. A young person’s perspective is incredibly important, it’s just as important as an individual with years of experience. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences, with different perspectives and ideas to contribute.

What advice do you wish someone had given you at the start of your career?

Try lots of different things! Gain experience in a multitude of fields and disciplines. When you find what makes you tick, what makes you happy and inspired, then focus in on that.