We are delighted to introduce Global Goals Centre who have supported us through our City Of Change campaign.


Why did you decide to join the City Of Change campaign?

We know what value having young, diverse voices involved in the creation of content for the Global Goals Centre will bring. We are confident Babbasa can help us to work with young people that we might not have had the opportunity to work with and might be hard to reach via traditional channels.

What do you think young people may contribute to your organisation?

Ideas, challenges and energy! Their unique perspective on life and how to communicate effectively to other young people and people from diverse heritage backgrounds.

What do you hope younger people may contribute to your organisation?

We hope their ideas, challenges and energy will improve our project and our reach, and make our organisation more inclusive.

What do you think companies may be missing by having a lack of younger voices/influence in the organisation?

All organisations need a range of perspectives from diverse voices to really fly! Creativity and development are all improved by having younger influences included. Young people are also more effective and tuned in to innovative communication channels and methods which all companies can benefit from using.

What advice do you wish someone had given you at the start of your career?

Don’t panic about finding your dream career, apply for jobs that appeal to you and learn as you go along. Don’t miss an opportunity for networking! You never know what collaboration can come from meeting someone at an event or training course.