As Communications and Fundraising Lead, it’s my job to make sure that all of the social media accounts and website are up-to-date. I’m also in charge of media relations. I really enjoy that I get to speak to the young people at Babbasa and help share their stories. I also love having the creative freedom to come up with new ideas when it comes to how we can tell people about our work and opportunities. On the fundraising end, I write our applications for new grants and help ensure that we have the funds to continue growing.

I was a journalist before I started at Babbasa and first spoke to Poku as part of a news story on diversity in the teaching profession. During our interview, I realised that Babbasa was doing amazing work in inner-city Bristol, but they didn’t have enough staff to publicise it – they were too busy doing the work! I offered to volunteer, and assist with their events and press releases, which later turned to a part-time, and now a full-time role. I really enjoy the atmosphere at Babbasa. We’re a young and vibrant organisation, and we’re having a bigger and bigger impact in the Bristol community – something which I’m really excited to be a part of.

My ambition after I graduated from university was to enjoy my job and be part of an organisation that was making a real difference, so thankfully, I’ve ticked a couple of things off the bucket list. Going forward, I want to continue learning from my seniors at Babbasa, and find new and exciting ways to get more eyes on our work. I also want to balance work with my other interests like sports, music, and dance. My advice to young people would be to take some time to think about the career that makes you happy, and not always feel pressured to take the route that everyone else is taking.