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    What is the Babbasa Equal Opportunity Ambassador Network?

The Babbasa Equal Opportunity Ambassador Network is a group of like-minded and values-driven professionals helping to create a more inclusive society by supporting underrepresented and marginalised young people in Bristol.

We have established the Babbasa Equal Opportunity Ambassador Network as an opportunity for professionals to enact their altruistic desire to pay it forward and make a tangible difference to the lives of marginalised young people. Talent exists everywhere, but sometimes it needs support to connect with opportunity.

As a Babbasa Equal Opportunity Ambassador (EOA) you will work within a supported and flexible framework that allows you, through a number of different challenges, help realise the career ambitions of young people from ethnic minority or low income backgrounds. It is a positive means for engagement for professionals and plays an important role in improving diversity in the workplace and social inclusion in wider society, while giving young people increased confidence and the opportunity to build relationships with employees in their chosen sector.

THE OFFER – We ask our EOAs to commit to three or more of the following as part of a volunteer’s commitment:

  • Undertake a fundraising challenge to raise £1k in year
  • Make a donation – one-off or monthly financial contribution
  • Mentor a young person  – one-off, 3-month scheme and mentoring club
  • Volunteer at least one learning experience (workshop) for young people or Babbasa
  • Introduce 5+ potential supporters (donor, business or professional individual) to Babbasa
  • Refer a young person or persons in need
  • Offer pro bono consultancy/advice, equipment, venue space

We will expect all EOAs to share our core values – kindness, imagination and determination; commit an average of two hours per week; attend an induction and visit the Babbasa Hub (when permissible) to meet the team; deliver on your agreed challenges within 12 months; and share your experience and feedback with Babbasa.

Becoming an EOA is a great way to make a tangible difference and transform the life chances of a young person, whether you are supporting Babbasa or directly working with a young person, your input will make a marked difference. In addition, being an EOA brings other benefits:

  • Meet diverse young people and improve your intercultural and intergenerational knowledge
  • Improve your wellbeing by connecting with and helping others
  • Learn about Bristol’s diverse communities
  • Develop new skills and rich perspectives for work and social life
  • Meet other professionals and new business contacts
What are the challenges that Ambassadors need to complete and what support would Babbasa offer through the process?
We aim to work with you hand-in-hand through your time with us. At the induction, we hope to provide clarity about your role and answer any questions you may have. You will be introduced to a designated point of contact, who will be at hand to support you with your challenges, answer any questions or concerns and take on your ideas thereafter.
Fundraising for Babbasa and young people

When considering a fundraising challenge to support our work with young people, we can help promote your activity through our social channels. See our fundraising page for some examples of what previous volunteers have done to raise funds.

Once you have decided on what you want to do for your fundraising challenge, we’ll also set up an appeal page on our LocalGiving page and promote what you’re doing on our social media platforms. All funds/resources raised will go directly towards our work to empower young people to realise their professional ambitions.

Making a donation

We will provide you with our details on a branded letterhead for you to use for a transfer if you want to make a one-off financial donation. You can also use our LocalGiving page to make a one-off donation or even set up an ongoing monthly donation to help our work supporting young people. Either way, if you choose to make a donation towards our work to support young people, your designated Babbasa contact will guide you through the process.

Directly supporting young people – Mentor Clubs, one-to-one mentoring and/or supporting a learning experience

Many EOAs are particularly interested in getting involved with our frontline work with young people and communities. This includes mentoring, speaking, outreach volunteering, employability workshop facilitation/assistance, enterprise experience lead etc. We also welcome any ideas you may have on meaningful activities for young people.

Since our work is driven by the needs of the young people we support, we cannot always guarantee that there would be an opportunity to engage with them within your availability schedules, however, we actively work to ensure that you have the chance to engage in an experience over the course of the year.

Depending on the engagement opportunity, we will provide you with additional guidance and support before you start delivery. You will also have a designated point of contact for the engagement activity who will be offering periodic check-ins.

Introducing supporters to Babbasa

You can introduce your friends, family, associates and colleagues to become Equal Opportunity Ambassadors. Please send them the EOA information pack or get them to contact urfan.ali@byep.org.uk. In addition, you can introduce your employer to become a potential Corporate Partner with us. For further information about how we can work with employers to benefit young people and minority communities and support employer’s diversity, CSR and inclusion objectives, please contact urfan.ali@byep.org.uk

Referring Young People in Need

If you know of any young person(s) from an underrepresented community looking for support to either explore their ambitions, build their confidence or pursue a career, please do not hesitate to put them in touch. Our Outreach Team would love to hear from you. Please make the referral using this form. If would like to speak to someone about an enquiry, please contact urfan.ali@byep.org.uk

Offer pro bono consultancy/advice, equipment or venue space.

As a growing social enterprise we experience the same challenges as any other business. Oftentimes we need expert support and advice in different areas of the business, eg HR, Law, Finance, Digital, Marketing. If you are a professional with expertise in an area that you think could support us, do let us know.
We also run many workshops and events and often need suitable venue space to accommodate small to large groups of people, or even to conduct a 1-2-1, so if you have access to suitable venue space, please let us know. Sometimes we need access to kit, eg film and podcasting recording facilities to help with our Babbasa TV channel, or a tradesperson to rectify a problem we may have in our hub!

How will you stay in touch with me?

Once you’ve filled in your Expression of Interest form, you’ll be:

  1. Sent a follow-up email to attend our next induction (currently these are all held virtually and run approximately every 2 months), where you can hear more about Babbasa, the role, live engagement opportunities and ask any questions about your preferred challenges. After which, we’ll ask you to complete our Agreement Form.

2. Included in our EOA email list, which we will use to highlight forthcoming opportunities (typically the needs-based ones like mentoring and delivering a learning opportunity), challenges, events and activities that you can engage with or share with your networks.

3. Invited to our bi-annual flagship events. The first event (mid year) – organised in conjunction with our Trailblazers, as part of our Babbasa Anniversary Celebrations (Summer Party). The second event (end of year) – organised in conjunction with the Babbasa Team as an Annual Stakeholder Gathering & Fundraising Event to hear about our impact for the year.

4. Encouraged to connect with us online (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube), so we can interact with you on a regular basis and for you to share what we are doing with your networks.

5. Added to our email subscription, so you can find out how our campaigns are progressing internally, and how your work is contributing to our success on a bi-monthly basis.

If you would prefer to be contacted by call or text, you can let us know and we’ll do our best to use your preferred method of communication. 

Can I guarantee that I’ll get to do my preferred challenges?

You get to choose the three challenges of your choice, to be completed over the course of a 12-month period. At Babbasa, we will aim to work with you and ensure that you get the support needed to complete the challenges of your choice. However, we cannot always guarantee that you will get to engage with your preferred challenge within a time frame/schedule that might be suitable for you. We have provided the information below to help guide your expectations:

Donations, referrals, and fundraising – These are primarily done in your own time, and require relatively minimal support from Babbasa so can be set up within a couple of weeks after completing your post-induction Agreement Form.

Pro bono consultancy/advice, venue space, equipment – this will vary depending on our current needs, however, if you spot an opportunity to provide support, do let us know.

Working directly with young people – For activities that require active staff involvement and young people, such as workshops and mentoring, services are provided on a needs-first basis.
This means that we prioritise workshops and mentoring matches that are of immediate need for the young people that we are supporting first and foremost. To be more specific:

  1. Employability Workshops – we usually run this on a fortnightly basis. Occasionally we will also run a bespoke workshop in line with the skills and experience that you can offer, but this will be at Babbasa’s discretion and based on the current needs of the young people we are working with. Involvement in workshops will typically include supporting young people to develop their soft skills, CVs, cover letters, applications (education or job), interview prep or enterprise skill/knowledge share. If you have any ideas for a workshop that you’d like to offer, do let us know and we can gauge the interest of young people that we’re currently working with to see if we can set this up!
2. Mentoring – we have three types of mentoring experiences: 

i) the semi-structured 3-6 month scheme which runs on a rolling basis throughout the year 
ii) ad-hoc/one-off mentoring support needs that come up on a regular basis as a requirement from young people that we are working with, such as support with an upcoming job interview
iii) the opportunity to join one of our monthly Mentor Clubs, where you can offer on-the-spot advice and guidance to young people, as well as connect with other EOAs.

In practice, we keep both interested EOAs and young people on our mentoring list. However, matching is done based on interests, aspirations and commonality. Hence the speed of finding a suitable young person or vice versa will vary depending on the industry and some of the aforementioned characteristics, and in some cases a suitable match may not be found in your 12-month challenge period.
What if one of my preferred challenges isn’t available right away?

One-to-one mentoring and delivering a learning experience are the only two challenges that you may not be able to engage with straight away. We however keep you on our contact list for when the opportunity arises over the course of the year. As mentioned above, we also run monthly Mentor Clubs that you are welcome to join throughout the year and offer more ad-hoc mentoring support to young people there. 

You will also be added to our EOA email list, where you will regularly receive information about live opportunities to support young people and any other relevant events and activities. You could also be invited to attend one of our employability workshops, where appropriate, to observe, support and get a feel for the questions that young people typically ask.

When can I start my challenges and do you check in on progress?

As soon as you’ve had your induction, completed your Agreement Form as an EOA, and we have carried out any necessary DBS checks (if mentoring is one of your challenges), you are welcome to start on your challenges and your designated point of contact will be there to support you.

In terms of checking in, it is very much a two-way process and is designed to get a feel for how you are managing during your time as an EOA, if there’s anything else you need from us, and also what could be improved. We’re strong believers in continuously iterating and refining the way we work. We do, however, keep in touch throughout the process. See the answer to ‘How will you stay in touch?’

How many hours will I need to commit?

The extent of your commitment will vary a lot depending on the challenges that you take up and your availability. However, we estimate that you could be committing anywhere between 1 to 5 hours per month over the 12 months you spend as an EOA depending on what challenges you are undertaking. This is a flexible commitment and there are ways to support Babbasa’s mission whether you have minimal time capacity or would like to take on more!

Want To Know More?

Email your questions to Urfan at: urfan.ali@byep.org.uk If anything on this page is unclear or missing, do tell Urfan.


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