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Here are just a few simple yet effective fundraising ideas for those looking to raise funds for Babbasa!


Whether it’s a 5K run, a walk-a-thon or a 10k cycle, there are so many easy and effective ways to fundraise for a good cause! There are specific annual runs that you can sign up to every year, or you could even go as far as planning your own, with your own route and distance. Either way, you can get sponsored per mile or simply for taking part.

You could do this on your own, or train with a group of friends. But either way a distanced run is a tried and tested way to raise money, stay fit and share a common goal with your peers all in one!

  • In October 2020, we were proud to have been supported by Saskia Jury, who raised over £900 running the Bristol half marathon on behalf of Babbasa.
  • In March 2020, with the Bristol Great Run cancelled, our Business Development lead Hannah Young, took matters into her own hands and ran her own 10k for Babbasa. She raised over £1,200!


Aaron Lee Lambert, Rachel Mason, Sharon Rose and Waylon Jacobs


Do you have a creative side that you want to use for a worth a while cause? This could be signing and song writing, or event pottery and painting. Each one of these talents can be used to continue to develop your skills and raise funds!

This could take the form of selling pieces of art or getting together with others to collaborate on a creative project where the proceeds go towards supporting young people. When it come’s to creative fundraising, the sky’s the limit.


  • In November 2020, singer-songwriter Rachel Mason, collaborated with Hamilton  stars to create an original song, Make a Start, which proceeds were donated to Babbasa.


Community focused events are another fun and effective way of raising funds for a worthy cause! Through staff and local community events you get the chance to raise funds in a social and community minded way! This could be through:

  • Organising a sports day
  • Trivia nights
  • Raffles
  • Comedy evenings 
  • and more!

This could also be a great chance to get local businesses, sports clubs or community groups involved. 


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