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The babbasa #BeyondCovid appeal

Support vulnerable young people affected by the Coronavirus pandemic to rebuild their sense of purpose, manage mental wellbeing and learn new skills to thrive and succeed beyond COVID-19.  

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Help Us Raise £60,000 to Continue to Support Vulnerable Young People

We are marking the announcement of our ‘Queen’s Award for Enterprise’ by launching an urgent appeal to support local young people affected by the coronavirus pandemic. We invite you to make a donation to help prevent vulnerable young people from losing purpose, developing mental health difficulties or becoming dependent on the welfare system. With your support we will support young people and their families to access reliable information to stay safe and resilient during the pandemic, develop coping strategies for mental wellbeing and learn new skills to thrive and succeed beyond COVID.

How will Babbasa use the funds raised?

  • £25 – Pays for a caseworker to support a young person with any mental health or personal difficulties for 2 hours
  • £250 – Pays for a caseworker to give short-term support to 10 young people with any personal or mental health difficulties
  • £2,500 – Allows us to retain 1 frontline caseworker for one month, and support up to 30 vulnerable young people
  • £10,000 – Allows us to retain 4 staff members for one month, and support up to 120 young people
  • £60,000 – Allows us to retain 5 staff members for three months, and support up to 150 young people

We normally provide business services that help us to cover the cost of running our organisation but are unable to do this during lockdown. Therefore, we are working to raise £60,000 to avoid furloughing staff, retain our frontline caseworkers and ensure minimum disruption to the services that we provide young people and families. 

Why isn’t Babbasa applying for support through the Government’s Coronavirus scheme?

As a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, Babbasa does qualify for the government coronavirus job retention scheme to pay for 80% of staff salary. However, using this scheme would mean that we have to stop providing services which are needed by our communities more now than ever, as staff cannot work for us while furloughed. 

Stopping our services now, we would curtail support for 132 vulnerable young people currently in need over the next 3 months. That is why we have launched our appeal to retain our frontline caseworkers and ensure minimum disruption to the support young people receive. It is vital for us to ensure that we have an open line of communication to assist these young people and their families, who rely on us for hope in these troubled times.

What does Babbasa do and what are we currently doing for young people engaged?

Babbasa is a multi-award-winning nonprofit based in St Pauls (Bristol). Registered as a Community Interest Company (Reg No: 08584240), Babbasa supports young people to develop the skills and confidence needed to realise their professional ambitions. Find out more here.

We have moved our one-to-one support and group sessions online to make sure that young people are still able to get guidance and support with both their personal and professional needs throughout lockdown. Our engagement and support workers, and team of professional mentors have been working over the phone and via video chat to achieve this.

In line with our #BeyondCovid Appeal, Babbasa has also been launching a series of online workshops for young people, including Bristol’s first-ever youth-led online festival, called Skill Swap, as well as a youth-led activity and discussion series for young people called Babbasa TV which is taking place each week on our YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.


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