Having joined Babbasa earlier this year, sixteen-year-old Bakoto Jobe was offered the chance to do a week-long work placement with world-class innovation and product development consultancy, Kinneir Dufort.

Sorrell Walsh from Kinneir Dufort recently caught up with Bakoto to ask about her experiences both at Babbasa and during her placement. This is what she had to say:

“I was introduced to Babbasa in late April and ever since then, they have put in massive efforts into my future career path. They have assisted me into acknowledging the significant characteristics and attitudes that would be vital when having a job placement and really encourage the ideas of being inquisitive, asking questions and really expressing my ideas, which has really helped me settle into my experience at Kinneir Dufort.

Babbasa has also helped me explore my different interests as well as supporting the idea of being open-minded to trying various career routes, which has really enabled me to try different job paths. They have also really put determined efforts into exploring different work placements which not only suit my taste but also allow me to try new things.

I have learned so much these past few days; Kinneir Dufort really invests into other partnerships and companies with really beneficial aims such as the Big Bang, TeenTech and Kerning the Gap which I really loved. I also developed my knowledge in one of my main interest which is Python programming with Chris Jones, a Software Engineer, who helped me start a website which was very intriguing and such a massive learning experience. Additionally, in Electronics I had more insight into other projects which was really inspiring.

A great moment was definitely the Python project that I worked on with Chris. I learned so much about the programme as well as the different websites that can help me develop my knowledge of Python and the functions of code which I can use in the future. Chris has given me more so much more knowledge, going in-depth about how software engineers think and what challenges they go through. Additionally, I also like how I have met so many people and have been involved in discussions with staff at KD, with a friendly and open environment. I have really enjoyed the experience and learning about the different projects that certain staff work on and what makes Kinneir Dufort different.

It has really opened my mind about what I want to do in the future; one day I want to produce a project or technology which can help people, just like Frank Water by Katie Alcott or developing and improving basic technology which can be used in medical care or help people with disabilities. This week has really made me aspire to try different things.”

You can read Bakoto’s interview with Kinneir Dufort here.