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Case Study


My name is Myles, and I’m 26 years old now. In school I wasn’t interested in any of the subjects so left with no GCSEs which made it difficult to find a job.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do after I left school, but one day  I just bought a camera and started filming and to be honest, its been the only thing I have stuck to.

I remember applying for this Nando’s national film competition sometime ago. I got down to the final 20, and had to go to London to present it. I worked on the presentation the whole night, but froze and forgot everything when I was there. I felt awful but it worked out alright in the end.

I found out about Babbasa at one of their networking events few years ago. Through them I got a mentor, a work experience offer at Plimsoll Productions and a paid commission to produce a film for Bristol Community Health, over the years. Babbasa is a great organisation! The people there are really friendly and helpful. Plus its a great place to meet other people with similar interests and ambitions. 

At the moment I still work in construction part time as a labourer whilst doing my film. I’m interested in mostly the production and editing side of film making, but I also like filming too because you get to go to new places, and you’re not stuck in one room all day. In 5 years I see myself doing film full time, and I would like to build a team of people, with different creative skills, so we can deliver the best service!

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