I joined Babbasa as a Social Work placement student in 2018. My job is to assist the Babbasa Engagement Team to provide a supportive environment for young people, in order to help them progress with their personal development and ambitions.

What attracted me to Babbasa was their core values. Its about helping individuals that are struggling on a daily basis and that aligns with my own personal values. The Babbasa environment is also perfect for the direction that I am heading in as a Social Worker.

Being in a team of like-minded people, and the team acting as a family is what I have enjoyed most about working in Babbasa. It has taught me that I am more capable than I initially believed. It has been incredible being part of a team as effective, supportive and all around empowering as this one.

The work that the Babbasa staff do is absolutely amazing, and their dedication to it is simply inspiring – I can only hope that my future career is filled with organisations and teams at least half as good as this one!

My last day here will be on Valentine’s day in 2019, so I’ll be bringing lots of homemade fudge, including 2 special Valentine’s editions (new recipes I’ve been working on!). This will be the first time anyone outside my family will try it, so excited about that.

Working at Babbasa has given me not only the experience but also the confidence to complete my degree in social work. I would recommend the Babbasa experience to anyone looking for work or a volunteering opportunity!