I’m the Engagement Lead at Babbasa, which means I support young people on a one-to-one and group basis. It’s my responsibility to support those young people who may be facing barriers or challenges in their lives. I assist them with their education, employment and training, and developing the skills that they need to progress in their lives.

I’ve worked with young people for almost 20 years, and I’ve worked in the education system, care system, and the youth justice system. I’ve seen how these systems work, what works well and what needs improvement! I came to Babbasa because of the work that Babbasa does. It’s their commitment to young people, and their development, which is central to everything that they do. I read about Babbasa through their Ask About Me event, and I immediately liked the philosophy of the organization and the way that they were giving young people a chance to learn trade secrets and understand from employers, what they’re looking for.

I got a great impression from Babbasa right away from the interview. I really enjoyed it –  I found it relaxed and the tone of the interview led to me giving the best interview that I could. The questions they asked me were interesting and the team gave me an immediate understanding of the way that Babbasa works.

Looking ahead, an ambition would be to run a podcast which young people can participate in, and get the opportunity to talk to real employers, and break down and explain how the world of work, really works. Young people can tune in, learn from it, and own it – they can ask the questions that they want to ask, and speak to employers in the industries that they are most interested in.