Written by Poku Osei: 30th September, 2020

It is a privilege to work with some of the most determined and values-driven individuals at Babbasa to support aspiring young people and communities in Bristol over the last few years.

 I am therefore proud to introduce a summary of what has been achieved, over the last three years, in this Babbasa Impact Report 2020.

The report succinctly captures how Babbasa has played its part to address some of the Bristol’s entrenched equal opportunity challenges – be it through reminding thousands of aspiring young people that their ambitions are valid, or working with businesses and institutions to create meaningful opportunities.

I would therefore like to thank my amazing team, board and group of supporters that assisted us with these accomplishments. Together, we have built an organisation that truly echoes its values of imagination, determination and kindness.

In spite of these successes, the issues of class inequality, racial tensions and social immobility, still prevails in Bristol. In fact, they have been further exacerbated by the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

This threatens the economic prosperity, cultural richness and social peace enjoyed by the city in recent years. So the question is – what can we do about it?

At Babbasa, we are in the process of finalising a piece of research to further understand the needs of young people and employers looking into the future. The key findings of this  research will be presented in a report called the #BridgeToEquality report. We hope this research will guide us to develop a longterm plan and evolve our operations to help close the growing inequality gap in the city.

In other words, our focus over the next 10 years is to not only provide young people with opportunities but also, empower them to support their families, serve as role models in their community and contribute to the growth of the Bristol economy.

Bristol is a wealthy city, with a fast-growing reputation for its high-tech industry, innovation and entrepreneurship. I do believe that with the city’s liberal values, strong leadership and focus on inclusive growth, we will be able to realise this ambition and make the city fair for all of its citizens. Find out how you can get involved.