Supporters and Associates,

Over the past two months, we have been inspired by the outpour of support for anti-racist movements, and organisations like us, which aim to make our city and our society more equal and fair.

Individuals, groups, and organisations are making some fantastic commitments to stimulating real change, and we hope that these commitments continue long after this wave of support for anti-racism begins to settle.

We understand that many businesses are looking to work with local organisations. In the case of Babbasa, we ask that you please come and discuss how we can work together, agree a position and out of courtesy seek permission before making any public announcement of your commitment to Babbasa.

Equal opportunity for marginalised communities is at the centre of what we do, and it is vital that we form relationships with businesses we know, and whose values align with what we are trying to achieve.

An interest to work with Babbasa is therefore, not a guarantee of a partnership, and while we understand that you may have good intentions, we are also conscious of businesses that may be keen to gain reputational value without giving back to the communities we serve.

Many Thanks,

The Babbasa Family