Babbasa is an award-winning social enterprise that believes that every young person, irrespective of background, has a talent that when given the opportunity to explore and nurture, adds value to society. We, therefore, provide services including soft skills training, events, mentoring and recruitment schemes to support young people from less advantaged communities to pursue their professional ambitions. Find out more about us here: www.babbasa.com
  • Communications Lead (£19,240 FTE, 14hrs a week) – responsible for actively managing and raising the brand and profile of Babbasa and Babbasa programmes to new and existing stakeholders, through various media channels including social media, website and press. Application deadline: 4th March 2019. Apply here.
  • Project Coordinator (£19k -£22k FTE, 35hrs a week) – responsible for organising and delivering Babbasa’s placement programme and other core activities such as events and mentoring schemes. The role will involve liaising with employers, corporate partners and mentors who are offering young people an opportunity. The role will also provide business support to the management team. Application deadline: 10th March 2019. Apply here.
​Become part of a team making a real difference in the lives of 100+ young people ​each year. Work with a collaborative and supportive team, empowering you to achieve your best every step of the way. Outside of work, we are also encouraging of staff suggesting fun and exciting sociable monthly activities for everyone to get involved in – ping pong, board games and company drinks, food etc. 
For further information or queries, please contact the Babbasa Operations Director: jenny.kerridge@byep.org.uk or call the office: 0117 329 0717.