In this role I do effective engagement with young people with the intentions of recruiting them on to the Babbasa programme. The experiences and skills I have that help me in this role, is my communication skills. This makes it easier for me to network with young people.

If I had to describe myself in three words it would be optimistic, intriguing and overall good vibes.

The last challenge I had to face was deciding whether pursuing a career in Politics would actually work out for me, I doubted my potential and what I was able to bring to the table. What motivated me to overcome these doubts, is remembering that you can achieve anything in this word and remembering my unique abilities. Having that resilience to keep going and chasing that vision I have. The difference this mindset gave to me, is that I’m very optimistic and excited about the future, I believe I will achieve a lot in my career and truly represent my community.

What attracted me to Babbasa, was the people prioritising and supporting young and their  ambitions, dedicating their time in hopes of supporting the dreams of aspiring people in the city. Narrowing the barriers for you to achieve what you wish. I love working at Babbasa, because I feel like I’m helping the local communities of Bristol and contributing to a positive change for young people. My highlight with Babassa has been building connections for myself in Politics, which is the career field I want to pursue. Working in Babassa has taught that you can really achieve and accomplish anything you wish, with hard work and resilience.

Moving forward, I see myself getting more involved in work experience, placements, internships that are in political field. Some key advise that I’d give to young people is that you don’t have to have your whole life career planned out now, it’s okay to not know what you want to be. If you put yourself out there, doing gaining different levels of work experience in different a range of fields it will help you find what suits you best.