I’m the Placement Programme Lead, which means I help young people to find work experience (either paid or unpaid), apprenticeships, shadowing opportunities or recruitment. I also assist with our Bridging the Gap programme, which helps businesses to improve their inclusiveness.

I really enjoy hearing young peoples’ feedback after they come back from their placements, and I also like hearing kind words from employers after they’ve had a good experience with our young people. Before joining Babbasa, I worked as a mental health assistant, so I was supporting people with mental health issues in institutions or residential care. I still work in mental health part-time.

I heard about Babbasa through a friend of my dad’s – my dad is a Reverend and his friend – who is also a Pastor – met me at a youth event. We started talking about young people and how I’m passionate about helping them, and he said I would be great at Babbasa because
they share my commitment to young people. I was attracted to how active and engaged they are with young people. It’s not just a
company that speaks to young people, it’s a company that helps them step-by-step and I feel that’s what young people need. Young people need consistency and Babbasa is consistent. Working here, you can see the change that you’re making in someone’s life which makes me
happy. I recently helped someone by getting them a work placement and she now knows what career path she wants to take. Before that, she wasn’t too sure. I also helped someone get their first graduate job at the Bristol Old Vic, which I was really happy about, especially because it’s hard to get your first job after you graduate.

Outside of Babbasa, I’m a gospel singer, and I want to keep making music. I also just want to carry on helping people – If I can keep doing that and keep seeing results I’ll be happy. I never learned to ride a bike, so maybe I’ll learn to do that as well.