I’m Evie, a Social Work Student from UWE on placement at Babbasa. I will be working alongside Matt on the support programme. I’m so excited to be getting experience especially in a brilliant team like Babbasa, as I really share their values and believe in what they are achieving. We need to make Bristol a more inclusive place for everyone especially the young people. What Babbasa is successfully doing this which is inspiring.  

Social work has been an aspiration of mine for a long time and I have also always been interested in the social issues that surround us and so on this placement I hope to help young people and be able to make a difference in whatever they need. I am also looking forward to seeing what more Babbasa does following their recent Bridge to Equality report and their campaigns.

In my spare time outside of University and this placement, some of my favorite things to do is discover new bands and artists as I love music and as well as this I love photography, taking pictures of nature or animals and finding the beauty in the world. I cannot wait to travel the world and discover many different and incredible places.  

My advice to young people would be to try not to compare yourself to others or to the expectation you think you have to live up to. Do what makes yourself happy.