My name is Holly Fowden and I’m Babbasa’s Recruitment Inclusion Services Manager. People who know me would describe me as strong, confident and resilient. I liaise with employers and partners who could utilise support from Babbasa’s recruitment inclusion services (BRIS). I engage with them by listening to our young people’s needs and supporting businesses on how they can get access to some great talent to help develop and support their organisation. I also support organisations by informing them about our inclusion services. The benefits of a diverse range of talent in a business and then Informing them on what we can do to support organisations via internal training to help them with their current staff as well as attracting new young people and people of colour to their organisations.

I love what Babbasa stands for and wish I had access to us 10 years ago! I grew up in a low income household, as a young person of colour with not much prospects in life. I feel like I lacked so much information and knowledge when I was younger. I honestly thought you could only go to university if your parents were rich! I’m naturally a resilient and curious person, so everything I learnt I learnt from listening. I managed to get a job in retail aged 17 and worked and travelled which really opened my eyes. I feel this gave me the power to know I can pursue and do anything I want. The difference this had was I became more confident in who I am and what I believe in. It incorporates into my work my everyday life. I’m passionate and really believe in passing that on and making a difference to others lives too.

The core values of Babbasa really are amazing, since working here I have been in awe of how all the staff have one goal and that’s to support our young people. Everyone is exceptionally welcoming. I started in lockdown, working from home, so I really wondered if we would still connect as well but honestly the team is great! Of course we face barriers here everyday, but working here has taught me we have all the support to keep going.

I would love for us to have a successful BRIS team running in other locations even globally once we are well established. Fighting for young people all over the world! My advice for young people is to take every opportunity given to you, explore, try new things. There is never a silly question to ask, you are the future. Be confident and remember they need you as much as you need them!


We believe Bristol’s most marginalised deserve access to support at their own pace; have their voices heard; and have access to real work opportunities.

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