Hello, I’m Husnaa. My job as Placement Programme Lead is to prepare, place and support our young people into the world of work. I run a number of pre-recruitment workshops with our participants to provide coaching and mentoring, and more importantly, to ensure they feel confident for the future!

I’ve spent a lot of my time working with young people in a number of places including Birmingham, Cardiff, Madrid and Bristol. I started as a Secondary teacher of History and Law but went on to support students with all other aspects of life at St Brendan’s Sixth Form as an Academic Mentor, helping to plan the Education Courses and support Art Foundation students with their projects at UWE and managing Cover at Cotham School before joining Babbasa.

Babbasa is an amazing organisation committed to its values with a dedicated, friendly and creative team who work so hard to help our young people in Bristol. Coming from a working-class background with lots of external expectations of me as a teenager, I realise that the support that Babbasa offers is exactly what I needed at the time! Bristol is brimming with talented young people who are diverse, creative and have their own vibrant identities – I love working with them and I am really excited to meet more to discuss future plans, life, food and Netflix (my absolute favourite topics).

My advice to young people would be that although there are many aspects of life that are outside of your control, you are the architects of your choices. Don’t let fear hold you back from making big decisions and taking amazing opportunities! Looking back, the most difficult choices I made resulted in happy experiences, a wider network of friendship and support and a growth in my own confidence and skills.


We believe Bristol’s most marginalised deserve access to support at their own pace, have their voices heard, and have access to real work opportunities.

If you believe that too then get in touch!