I’m a creative who loves to learn new which has aided my drive of becoming an entrepreneur. I was interested and selected for the role because of my Business and Marketing background, coupled with my passion for advertising and the experience I have in managing social media platforms and promoting/marketing brands.

I assist in creating ways in which to market and drive engagement for Babbasa TV, to convert the engagement into recruitment. Right now, my challenge is trying to find a balance between earning more than enough for myself and my family whilst pursuing my dreams and ambitions.

Everything I work towards is driven by my desire to support my family out of poverty while enjoying the life and the career path I pursue. I was moved towards becoming part of the Babbasa family after witnessing first-hand the influence Babbbasa has had in my life as a Trailblazer. I love the freedom and flexibility the role offers me. But I still believe that I have so much I’m yet to accomplish. I’m always looking for opportunities to exert myself fully in the role to help me achieve my future goals.

If there was any advice I could give to young people, I’d say pursue your dreams as early as you realise them. Support your peers whichever way you can. And, give as much attention to your mental health as much as you give your physical aesthetics.