I’m Mo Ali, Babbasa’s Trailblazer and Enterprise Lead. I have a varied role that cuts across 4 key areas:
Trailblazers’ Coordinator:
Being a Trailblazer myself, in this
role I help create a dedicated program and support package for Babbasa alumni. Helping them put on events, run campaigns that align with our 2030 vision and fundraise for Babbasa.
Enterprise Lead:
Supporting entrepreneurs start, develop
and grow their business. Connecting them to mentors and referring them to other business programs such as Opulence Growth or Prince’s Trust.
Supporting the engagement team, visiting
schools, businesses, and youth clubs. Reaching out directly to where the young people are, sharing with them the amazing opportunities that Babbasa has to offer.
Working closely with some of our corporate and
community partners, helping to deliver project that we are co-working on. E.g Phoenix FC, a local football team, helping
to run well being workshops alongside their football training for the young people we support.

I would describe myself as someone who is empathetic, resilient, and spontaneous.

The last challenge I had to face was graduating from university. I found this very difficult as I felt that my degree was no longer going to be useful to my career. However, I realised it’s not about the degree but about finishing what I started! Therefore, I completed my degree and now I’m grateful for it. Lesson, it taught me is that I should always try and see through what I started and to give it my all.

I’ve always been on the receiving end (beneficiary) of Babbasa for the best part of 10 years, it was only in the last year that I joined the team officially. This says it all in my opinion! The level of support, connections, mentoring, guidance that I received from Babbasa made me stay for all those years. That’s why for me Babbasa is really an extension of who I am. They have shaped and been around me for most of the big decisions I’ve made in life so far and I hope to continue that relationship indefinitely, irrespective of whether I work for them or not. The best part of Babbasa has always been the team!

Moving forward, I see myself in completing the work I started with Babbasa and handing that over to ideally another trailblazer in the following year or two. With that said, I always plan to be involved in Babbasa in one form or another, hopefully moving on to becoming a funder of their programmes.

My advice to young people would be, the following quotes;

‘Look at me as I am, and I only become worse
Look at me for what I could be, and I become what I should be’
– In other words, you always have potential, so go after it!

‘Never let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality’

‘You are what you think’