I’m Paul and I am currently Babbasa’s Interim Service Manager. I oversee our Engagement Team and BRIS (Babbasa Recruitment & Inclusion Services) Team and I am part of the Babbasa Senior Leadership Team. I would describe myself as someone who is motivated, compassionate and a coach. 

Along with many people, lockdowns presented many challenges. The biggest being isolated from some of my children and grandchildren. The desire and need to stay connected with friends and family was a driving force to exploring creative ways to stay connected even if face to face encounters were not always possible. Through some of the challenges and pain of the lockdown, some relationships are actually stronger now because each side has thought about their desire to connect. 

I have known Babbasa for about 8 years initially through my work at Bristol City Council. When I retired from full time work, I volunteered at Babbasa before becoming a Trustee. More recently, I have stepped into being the Service Manager to support a transition to a new structure. I am energised by the values that underpin Babbasa and the wonderful people who work there and are supported by Babbasa. The highlight is hearing the stories of young people being helped towards fulfilling their dreams. I am reminded that we all need support at different times and in different ways.

I am transitioning towards retirement but prefer the phrase ‘re-tyre’ as in be prepared for the next journey! A key part is exploring how I want to spend my time and energy.
My advice to others would be:
1. Be yourself and keep exploring who you are
2. Dream dreams – dare to think what you could achieve
3. Keep keeping on – take small steps but keep taking steps