I’m Mikhalia, Babbasa’s Recruitment Lead. I attract, advise and match work-ready candidates from low income/ethnic minority backgrounds and client companies requiring paid employed staff. I would describe myself as empathetic, thoughtful and nurturing. 

The most recent challenge I had to face was health related. Earlier this year I contracted glandular fever which landed me in hospital and really took a toll on my body (especially because I caught covid shortly after!). It was tough because I was used to being active in the gym and weightlifting and I was ordered by doctors not to do any of that for a minimum of 3 months and could take up to a year for full recovery. Overcoming this has looked different than overcoming other challenges I’ve had because it involved a lot of staying put, resting and doing nothing! I’ve been motivated to overcome this and build my strength back up because I really value my physical health and strength, especially because they have an impact on my mental health and strength too. The difference it’s made – I’ve realised how fragile life really is and it’s making me more intentional with the way I spend my time. I want to spend my time doing things I feel are purposeful, fun, and have impact with people I enjoy being around. I value my loved ones and my health a lot more!

I wanted to join the team at Babbasa because I caught a glimpse of the work they do for the community of Bristol and I wanted in somehow! The values really aligned with my personal values too. It hasn’t been very long but so far I enjoy the learning, the flexibility, the care that there is for people overall. Everyone is so friendly and supportive which makes Babbasa an enjoyable place to work. So far the highlight has been getting to know new people, being in a new environment and learning new skills and feeling like I’m growing!

My three pieces of advice I would offer are:

  1. Travel somewhere outside of where you grew up and experience another part of the world.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and try new things to get to know what you really like to do and who you want to be. You don’t have to be limited to other people’s view of you.
  3. It’s okay if you don’t have your whole life totally figured out when you finish school- no one does! Everyone is just figuring life out as they go which means you can build the life you want.