I’m Sarah and I’m currently working as Babbasa’s Engagement Coordinator. Before this role I interned for Babbasa as a Monitoring and Evaluation Researcher. In my current role I essentially have my fingers in lots of different pies! I work across the Operations and Engagement team to assist with the smooth running of Babbasa behind the scenes as well as helping out with its front facing programmes. My role also includes engaging young people and ensuring they’re aware of internal opportunities happening with Babbasa. If I wasn’t working with Babbasa I would love to have been a Youth Ambassador or part of Babbasa’s Challenge Programme.
If I had to describe myself in three words it would be: creative, empathetic and goofy.

The last big challenge I had to overcome, which sadly a lot of young people can relate to, was having to graduate right in the midst of the pandemic. I lost my accommodation in Bristol and my graduate job and had to move back home – which felt like taking a big step backwards! It was very challenging applying for jobs when so many were being discontinued and I started to give up hope. However, I found that Linkedin and other social media platforms and online communities were great places to not only network with employers, but other young people who were also experiencing the detrimental effects of the pandemic. As I come from a working-class background, and I’m from a small town with very few work and networking opportunities, I was really grateful to have access to opportunities via social media – which led me to Babbasa!

One of the many things I love about being part of Babbasa is that everyone in the team has their own unique perspective and comes from different places in life. Everyone is so warm, welcoming, and deeply committed. I was drawn to Babbasa when I heard Poku, the CEO, speak at a Tedx talk at UWE. He spoke about the importance of representation and access to opportunities for young people in Bristol. I admired his honesty and the fact he emphasised a need for kindness. Working at Babbasa has taught me about the strength of people and communities when they come together and that the key to a great organisation is when everyone within it is committed to its values.

My advice to young people is to learn from times where you may not be successful, or you feel you have failed at something. These are valuable learning experiences when you really learn about and understand yourself. Looking back, I’m so grateful for all the times I was unsuccessful at something as I feel I am a much more well-rounded and resilient person because of it!