I’m Sarah, I’ve recently joined Babbasa as a Research and Evaluation intern. I make sure each program is evaluating its success and progress effectively and I also do some internal research to report on all the amazing work the team at Babbasa are doing. I recently graduated from the University of Bristol in Sociology, and I’m originally from a small town outside Liverpool, so I have quite a dry Northern sense of humour!

One of the many things I love about being part of Babbasa is that everyone has their own unique perspectives and come from different places in life which creates a fresh perspective. Everyone is so warm, welcoming, and deeply committed. I was drawn to Babbasa when I heard Poku, the CEO, speak at a Tedx talk at UWE. He spoke about the importance of representation and access to opportunities for young people in Bristol. I admired his honesty and the fact he emphasised a need for kindness. I am hopeful that organisations like Babbasa can ensure that young people from minority groups are represented in decision making processes and have access to a variety of opportunities.

My advice to young people is to learn from times where you may not be successful, or you feel you have failed at something; these are valuable learning experiences and they are times when you really learn about yourself.