Want to share your views on the big issues that affect you, your friends, and your family? Want to give other young people a platform to be heard by the community and decision-makers in Bristol?

Look no further than Babbasa TV!

Babbasa TV is all about giving you the chance to have your voice heard while hearing from some amazing professionals and leaders from around Bristol!
It has three different programmes, which will run throughout the week:
Start It Up – Interviews with professionals on how to start up in an industry | Mondays, 1pm
Level Up – Workshops to help you build important skills | Wednesdays, 5pm
Let’s Talk – Digital discussions led by young people on the issues most important to them | Every other Friday, 3pm
Make sure you don’t miss any episodes by subscribing to Babbasa on YouTube
If you would like to get involved with Babbasa TV, please get in touch with Pravanya at engagement@byep.org.uk