An Outreach Appeal To Help Transform Young Lives in Inner-City Bristol


The last 18 months has challenged Bristol’s marginalised young people (16-25 years) – we are seeing a worrying rise in mental health from our young people, who are feeling disillusioned for their future as they face rising unemployment rates exacerbated by the pandemic. 

Please support our new Outreach Appeal – to engage and support more young people at risk of disengaging, or falling behind formal education, or set to experience increased poverty, as a result of the pandemic

74% of young people enrolled our our programmes are experiencing stress, anxiety and a loss of purpose at this time

69% of young people supported by Babbasa’s Support Programme cite their wellbeing/mental health as a barrier to progression – rise a from 47% in 2019** 

The Babbasa We’ve Got Your Back campaign has a bold target of reaching, engaging and supporting  400 inner-city young people from ethnic minority and low-income households adversely affected by the pandemic over a 12 month period – the appeal seeks to raise an initial £30,000 to help reach and support 100 young people over the summer-autumn period. It would allow marginalised young people to become aware of Babbasa’s support, know that they are heard, their struggles are seen and support is on-hand. The support they can access include professional mentoring, soft skills training, pastoral 1:1 support and work placements.

The We’ve Got Your Back campaign is part of Babbasa’s broader long term effort to support at least one young person from each inner city household to secure a median salary role by 2030. A strategic partnership with the One City Office and other community partners. Find out more about this long term vision here.

Thank you for your continued support!


  • £30 pays for Babbasa to find, onboard and refer a young person for mental health support
  • £300 pays for Babbasa to find and provide an intensive progression support for 1x young person over 12 weeks
  • £3000 pays for Babbasa to find and provide an intensive progression support for 10x young people over 12 weeks

“It is vital for us to ensure that we have an open line of communication to assist these young people and their families, who rely on us for hope in these troubled times.”
– Poku Osei, Founder and CEO, Babbasa

* Bridge to Equality Report 2020
** Babbasa Support Programme beneficiary needs assessments


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