Young people at Babbasa are working with the Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees and the City Office to produce a brand new youth conference, called ‘Our Bristol, Our World.’ The conference is centred on giving young people a platform to influence Bristol’s One City Plan. – a new document from the government which sets out a vision for Bristol by 2050.
                                                                                                                                                                                      In the run-up to the event, Babbasa’s Youth Ambassadors will be sharing why they are volunteering their time to help give young people a voice. These are Ebun’s thoughts and reflections on ‘Our Bristol, Our World’:


“I think the reason why I wanted to be a part of the event is because it gives me the opportunity to actually make significant changes for the young people in Bristol. The event will also give me the opportunity to network with a lot of people as well as allowing me to gain a lot of skills that I will be able to use later on in life  One of these skills being to better my public speaking.

I hope to get involved in some of the speaking and by doing this, I will be able to build a lot more confidence and appear more relaxed. After the event, I will then become a part of Babbasa’s trailblazers and be able to take part in their other activities which will further allow me to interact with new people.I think the event is important because it’s a chance for young people to actually have their voices heard.

The event will bring about immediate action as the higher-ups in Bristol will have to respond to what we say. I think the event is also important because it brings young people together and they can chat and meet new people. It allows us to really leave our stamp on the city whilst we’re young which is great because currently, I feel as though the young people aren’t really involved in much decision making when it comes to things that will affect us.

Finally, it’s just a really awesome reason to leave your house, the event is completely free and as a young person who doesn’t work this is important to me. We all get to witness changes being made for us and don’t have to pay anything to see it happen.”

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Tickets for Our ‘Bristol, Our World’ are free and can be booked here.

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Want to be a part of the conference?

Get in touch with Zoe at if you are interested in being a volunteer, a sponsor, or a speaker at ‘Our Bristol, Our World’.