Young people at Babbasa are working with the Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees and the City Office to produce a brand new youth conference, called ‘Our Bristol, Our World.’
The conference is centred on giving young people a platform to influence Bristol’s One City Plan. – a new document from the government which sets out a vision for Bristol by 2050.
In the run-up to the event, Babbasa’s Youth Ambassadors will be sharing why they are volunteering their time to help give young people a voice.
 These are Rema’s thoughts and reflections on ‘Our Bristol, Our World’:
“I think it’s incredibly important for young people in Bristol to have a platform where they’re given a voice and can share their experiences with other people. This includes sharing their journeys with young people in the city who can relate to them, but also learn from them, as well as people from the older generation who may not be aware of the barriers young people (especially POC) are facing when it comes to accessing opportunities.
The Youth Conference will also give contributors the chance to meet with industry leaders and business owners, hopefully opening doors for them across the city. The event will also allow the contributors to have a say in changes which are made in the city they’re becoming young adults in. With the One City Plan already in action, this is the time and the place for young people to take action and voice how they feel the city should be developed and modified going forward.
Not only does this event provide a variety of opportunities for the young people hosting, but also for those attending. They’ll have the chance to have access to a mentor to provide them with guidance, and for those willing to be a mentor to others there will also be that opportunity.
The conference will cover education and employment opportunities for young people, access to the arts, politics, and issues facing young people as citizens of Bristol, the climate emergency in Bristol and the mental and physical health of young people in Bristol. These are vital topics across the city which need to be discussed.”


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