Looking for support to understand your diversity and inclusion needs with impactful training for staff?

Looking to develop inclusive strategies and policies?  

Our bespoke services

Inclusion Needs Analysis


Gain a better insight into your diversity and inclusion needs using our self-review tool, to assist you in getting the outcomes you want.

Advisory Support

Our D&I consultant can review and assist you in developing strategies, projects and policies designed to enhance your workplace inclusion.

Cultural Competency Training


Allow your team a safe and non-judgemental space to:
– Recognise both personal and institutional bias.
– Attract and retain diverse employees through exploring more inclusive HR practices.
– Gain a better understanding of young and minoritised communities.
– Develop the intercultural communication skills needed to develop an inclusive environment.


Mikhaila Simmons
Recruitment Lead

Sangeetha Wynter
Training and Inclusion

Our experience

Case Study

Chris Thurling – Armadillo

“I’d say that Babbasa is a very creative organisation, very in tune with the young people that you are representing. So it feels like, when I talk to anyone from Babbasa, that what I’m hearing from them is an authentic voice from young people in the city.”

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