Babbasa Youth Ambassadors host first ‘Aim High Careers Fair’ to bring together city’s youth and professional communities

On 27th September, Babbasa’s Youth Ambassadors are hosting the first ‘Aim High Careers Fair’, an interactive careers event for 16-30 year olds from ethnic minority and low-income backgrounds and Bristol’s leading employers. 

The event is organised by participants in Babbasa’s Challenge Programme, which supports young people aged 16-25 who are from underrepresented communities, through a 6-month practical programme of mentoring and soft-skills courses. Each year the participants collaborate to organise a youth-focused event; with this year’s cohort creating the Aim High Careers Fair. 

Over 20 businesses across sectors such as technology, arts, professional services and the education and public sectors are attending the event, hosted at Bristol’s central youth hub, The Station. Employers will have the opportunity to connect with a dynamic and diverse pool of talent from across Bristol. Over 100 young people are expected to attend the event, seeking a range of professional experience and support. 

Kushal Khatiwada from the  Challenge Programme said: “We aspire to bring together a diverse group of young individuals at our careers event, the result of our team’s dedicated efforts. It’s crucial for businesses to understand that not every young person has a clear career path in mind. Attendees will include those seeking information, those eager for practical experience, and those ready for full-time employment.

At our event, participants will have the chance to learn and gain valuable insights into their career pathways. Employees will connect with a diverse group of young talent, while young attendees will discover and realise the career pathways they want to pursue, whether it’s entrepreneurship, internships, or full-time roles. Join us and find that job you have been searching for!” 

The Youth Ambassadors have worked with employers to create practical demonstrations and settings for informal interaction to help all attendees to break down barriers to professional opportunities. 

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