‘If you can see it, you can be it’ 

As the Impact and Evaluation Manager for MyWorld, Dr. Aby Sankaran has spent a significant amount of her time executing impactful growth in the region. She is passionate about addressing the lack of diversity and inclusivity, specifically in the tech sector.

Throughout her engineering career, she has observed a direct correlation between the lack of diversity & inclusivity and the impact this has on creativity, productivity and problem solving. But resolving this imbalance in the workplace needs to be addressed at a very early stage. Aby is thrilled to join Babbasa Board to empower young people and help them explore new opportunities.

Prior to this role Aby has spent a significant part of her career straddling roles between University and start-ups and is well placed to understand the complex ecosystem between public and private sector.

Outside of work, Aby can often be found spending time rock climbing, another area that significantly lacks diversity or enjoying the outdoors with her very energetic spaniel.