Gurminder started her legal career at the Legal Services Commission and moved on to practice management before qualifying and working in fraud, regulatory defence, risk and compliance. Gurminder has been with Irwin Mitchell for almost 10 years and is currently Head of Business Partnering, General Counsel team.

Gurminder is passionate about the delivery and access to legal services in the most fair, efficient and cost-effective way, with a strong, agile team using legal tech and automation wherever possible.

Throughout her career, Gurminder saw the reality that access to the legal profession to those from diverse backgrounds was very challenging, there is still a lot to do in this space to support diverse talent. Gurminder is passionate in driving that change and supporting young people to be the best they can be to achieve valuable and fairer outcomes for all.

Gurminder is absolutely delighted to be a member of Babbasa’s board and is excited to support the organisation’s next steps.