Babbasa was set up in response to the growing gap in the economic achievement of young people from some of Bristol’s most diverse and disadvantaged communities.

“We believe that talent is evenly distributed across the globe, opportunities are not – and so we work with young people, businesses, and local communities to address inequalities and produce a fairer city,” explained Poku Osei, Founder and CEO, Babbasa. “We are excited to be working with Triodos, an incredible organisation that continue to set the mark for social innovation and sustainability”.

Babbasa provides services to support aspiring underrepresented young people (aged 16 to 30) to pursue their professional aspirations whilst also supporting organisations to create an inclusive work environment for these young people to thrive. Since officially incorporating in 2013, we’ve helped over 4000 young people become more confident or move into work, education, or business.


Triodos works across environmental, social and cultural sectors to create positive change – but this has to come from within the organisation.

By providing our co-workers with training and recruitment support, this partnership will help Triodos reach more young people from diverse communities and enable them to thrive within their team.

It will also create opportunities for staff to mentor young people and allow Triodos to sponsor the aspirations of young people, as part of the ‘OurCity2030’ initiative.

“We’re really excited about this new partnership,” said Catherine Ridd, Director of HR. “The missions of Babbasa and Triodos are very aligned and I know there is a lot we will be able to learn from the team at Babbasa and the young people they support. We also hope that there is a lot that we can offer in return.”