My name is Esther and I’m 23 years old. Other than binge watching films, I’ve recently started cooking a lot more and trying new recipes. It’s become therapeutic, I also enjoy swimming.My end goal is to become a successful and established film producer.  But not having enough experience has really stood in the way. To be able to achieve my goal especially in the film industry I needed to have groundwork experience to that I can do the job.

What motivated me to overcome this lack of experience was my determination to become successful in my career. I knew that it was imperative for me to have experience in my field to prevail, so that was my main barrier to overcome. I first heard about Babbasa about 2 years ago, a member from my church was the one who put me in touch with the organisation. I was actively looking for work experience back then and one of the members set me up with a contact from Babbasa.

When I first came to Babbassa initially my career goals was just to help me gain a 12 month work placement at a media company and improve my employability skills. As I was still in my second year of university, I was trying to see if I could go for the placement sandwich year which my course was offering, granted you have something substantial lined up. It was during this time that I found out about the mentoring programme that they also offered to their participants.

The mentoring I recieved  was very personalised. Depending on what you wanted to achieve out of the programme, as for me it was to get a job in my field, I asked my mentor to help with job applications, cv tailoring, creating showreels etc. Things that are beneficial for me in the career I wanted to work in.

Now, I’m waiting to start my role as a Production Management Assistant! I feel much more confident than before, having way more experience than when I first came to Babbasa. I feel have more to offer and have had real character development. I’m feeling very hopeful for the future.


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