My name is Esther and I’m 23 years old. I’m currently working. My hobbies are binge watching Netflix series and going to the cinema and my goal is become a successful film producer.

The last challenge I had to overcome was pitching an idea to a group of professional filmmakers. I overcame this by telling myself that my idea could potentially be made into a film. I feel neutral about accessing opportunities, a lot depends on where you live and where you are looking.

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I Heard about Babbasa through a contact at my church. On the placement we carried out editorial tasks, reviewing and critiquing high level work, logging, production and coordination management etc. The placement has given me more confidence than when I first started.

I feel better about work, now having more knowledge on what to say and also being more confident. My goals are still the same to become a successful film producer. I hope to have had started professional and permanent work in my field by 6 months. By 1 year I hope to have either worked on or Produced a film. In 5 years’, time I hope to be an established producer and have my work screened in cinemas and streaming services