Dear friends, there are some exciting changes happening here at Babbasa in line with our long term vision. Please see below for a brief Q&A about these changes.

Poku Osei
CEO and Founder | Babbasa

What is happening?

Poku Osei (Babbasa CEO and founder) will be transitioning into a new ‘Founding Director’ role, and a new CEO will be recruited.

What will Poku do in this new role?

Poku’s new role will focus on exploring the expansion of Babbasa into other cities, and overseeing OurCity2030 (acting as the OurCity2030 Transformation Lead).

Why this transition?

It is no longer possible for a single role to manage the potential of OurCity2030 and running Babbasa. It has also always been the vision for Babbasa to extend its model into other cities across the globe, struggling with limited social mobility and inequality. The Babbasa and OurCity2030 boards have therefore approved a plan that allows Poku as the Founder to lead the work of OurCity2030 and feasibility into other cities, whilst Babbasa backfills the Babbasa CEO role.

Will Poku’s new role be a full-time role?

No, Poku will be fulfilling his newly defined responsibilities on a part-time basis.

What will Poku be doing with the rest of his time?

Poku will be undertaking some consultancy work outside of his new role as Founding Director. In line with his passion and expertise, Poku seeks to work with public authorities, education/civic organisations and businesses to help make cities more inclusive and sustainable. Poku will confirm his post-CEO plans over the coming months. You can follow him on his Linkedin for updates here.

What will the new CEO do?

This is an exciting time for Babbasa, with levels of understanding and empathy for the needs of young people rising all the time. The new CEO will be working on our day-to-day operations in Bristol to meet those needs, as well as working alongside the leadership team on the future strategy of the organisation. Together, they will continue to transform the lives of young people to make Bristol a fairer, more equal city.

Who will be the new CEO?

We don’t know yet. The recruitment process for the new CEO starts from 20/11/23, and will be open for both internal and external candidates. 

What does the CEO application process look like?

We are dedicating a lot of resources to ensuring we get the right CEO for Babbasa – someone who can fly the flag for opportunity with our partners in Bristol, whilst nurturing the development of the team.

Moon Executive Search are assisting Babbasa in the hunt for suitable candidates for the role. All applications will go via them. Find further details here, and apply by contacting Vanessa Moon quoting reference MC2379 via or 01275 371200.  Closing date Sunday 10th December.

The Babbasa Nominations Committee, a sub-committee of the Babbasa Executive Board, will lead on the process. Babbasa’s Head of Operations (Maria Berryman), Poku and Sophie Manning  from Impetus (one of Babbasa’s funders) will support the process.

When does transition happen?

The recruitment process for the new CEO starts in November 2023, and it is envisaged that Poku will remain as CEO until mid-2024 to complete a smooth handover to the new CEO. Poku intends to take a sabbatical after the handover process before returning as Founding Director.

Will Poku still be in Bristol?

Yes, Poku will still be in Bristol after he returns from his sabbatical leave. He may not be as visible at Babbasa events, but will continue to champion Babbasa and other similar initiatives in Bristol to make the city region a more equal place to live and work.