My name is Hanad Mohamed. I’m 17 years old. My friends would describe me as cheerful and confident. I enjoy basketball and am heavily invested in History. I love the m1 bus ride, it’s hardly talked about but it’s underrated, the views are spectacular. I always feel that given the right opportunity anyone can do anything so I found it best to position yourself where you can achieve what you want to achieve.

Right now, I’m feel ambitious and can’t wait to get into the stem field. My current goals are to be a pioneer and lead others into stem with the passion I have for STEM. I found out about Babbasa because a friend of mine was a Youth Ambassador. Through the programme I learnt new skills about public speaking which I used during the Engineering and Tech convention that we hosted as part of City of Change.

In 6 months I see myself starting university as a electrical engineer, a year I will be well into my first year at uni and in five years I’ll hopefully be blessed with a job in the stem field. If I had a piece of advice for my younger self I would say that “the warriors lose game 7 of 2016 finals just go sleep you’ll be late for your friends cinema thing.”


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