My name’s Hannah Smith and I’m 21. I spend all my spare time watching Netflix and looking for new series to watch! I also enjoy spending time with my friends on the weekends and going out for drinks. My aspirations for the future are driven by my career, I want to become an offline editor for Drama and Entertainment TV series.

Finishing my studies during a global pandemic and making short films within COVID guidelines was very challenging. I had to change the way I worked and adapt to the new circumstances which was stressful! My motivation for wanting to succeed in the TV Industry really helped me overcome these worries and challenges. I knew if I powered through and put in 100% effort, I could achieve anything I wanted to.

I first became aware of Babbasa through a work experience placement at True To Nature. I had Zoom calls with members of Babbasa about the opportunity but unfortunately didn’t get the job. However, a member of the team contacted me if I wanted to become a part of the pre-placement scheme and I was very keen to be involved.

The two workshops I had to complete to become part of the scheme helped me tremendously in applying for jobs. The CV and cover letter workshop dramatically helped me and proved successful when I received great feedback by my currently employer. Without Babbasa’s help, I wouldn’t feel confident in writing proficient emails to industry professionals and this is key with wanting to make a positive first impression.

I am currently teamed up with a mentor who is of high status within the post-production industry. He has helped me improve my work and inner weaknesses and I am forever grateful to Babbasa for putting me in contact with him.

I am currently feeling very positive about my future as I am making new contacts every day at my new job. Each day is a progression in learning new skills and making my way up the ladder in status. I’m currently a post-production runner at the Farm House. I have officially finished university and am excited for the start of my career.

In six months’ time, my runner contract ends and I hope I am taken on as a technical runner/ assistant. This includes helping editors with software and technical issues, it is essential for an editor to know all about the software they are using. In 1 year, I hope to continue with this job and learn new skills and improve my knowledge of post-production. In 5 years’ time, I hope to be editing TV series and seeing my name in the credits!


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