My name’s Kaden Gardener and at the moment I am creating my video content while looking for paid work and opportunities within the media industry, specifically within video editing. In my spare time I like to listen to and create music, play video games and hanging out with my friends. My big aspiration is being able to work on music videos full-time. I think they’re a great way to be overly creative and a unique way to portray any narrative in a n easily consumable way.

The last challenge I’ve had to overcome was probably my last year of university. Because of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown I was not able to end uni with my dissertation-equivalent project, as well as working on all my other modules. The main motivation for overcoming this was to plan out what I needed to do and when by. Having a schedule and discipling myself to keep to it made my last few months of university as straightforward and productive as possible.

I found out about Babbasa during my time at the BFI Film Academy in 2016-17, so they have always been on my radar as well as the opportunities they promoted.

During my placement at Off the Fence, I was given a variety of research and pre-production tasks for their work with The One Show. This included looking into potential videos for the new year, fact checking certain topics as well as transcribing conversations. I also had the chance to sit in on meetings to do with production of a video and talk to multiple different people about their different roles. This placement has opened up a new line of work that I was not too aware of and has made me more interested in researching and being a bigger part of pre-production.

Workwise, I believe that I have found more of an appreciation for researching as it is a very important role when doing documentaries and other types of factual media. I will take this experience on board to my own personal work and job hunting and allow myself to go into more areas of the media industry.


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