Leila reflects on her time as a Youth Ambassador working on the City of Change Campaign:
While doing the campaign I noticed how it kept my head above water and helped me reflect on my own life so much because I was thinking about other people. It offered me a greater sense of purpose whenever I felt a bit low or was overthinking about myself. I have learned so much and I’ve felt meaningful, useful, and genuinely rewarded through talking my work. During this time I’ve been speaking to businesses, persuading them to see eye-to-eye with us, building the other Youth Ambassadors up, improving my commitment capacity, reaching for the stars, and doing something for other people. I also feel this new, special kind of connection to the city of Bristol.
I think I can say that becoming a Youth Ambassador has been one of the most meaningful and rewarding experiences of my life – Babbasa is a diamond in the rough and I’m so happy I found it. Can’t thank you enough and also can’t wait to become a trailblazer and carry on working with Babbasa in the future! Being a Youth Ambassador has been the most meaningful and rewarding experience of my life. I feel so connected and in touch with Bristol as a city and as my new home, it’s so much more than just my university city now knowing that I’ve helped improve the lives of so many young people in Bristol. I’m keen to stay in touch with Babbasa and any time Poku or you or Zoe need me for anything just let me know! I learned so much about myself through this month such as how much fun pitching can be, how easy it is to speak to businesses, and how to allow people to support you so that you can support others! Can’t express my gratitude enough really.
The most meaningful part of City of Change campaign for me was when I pitched to Silverback Productions and they called me back asking to assist them with designing a 2 week work experience placement. Realising that a company genuinely wanted my input was an incredible feeling! Realising that I had something to offer them in return was really exciting and empowering.


We believe Bristol’s most marginalised deserve access to support at their own pace; have their voices heard; and have access to real work opportunities.

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