Getting to know you

I currently work at The Hobgoblin in the kitchen part-time. I thought I wanted to be a chef when I was younger, but I have always loved writing, filming and storytelling. I grew up learning a lot about plants and animals through my parents’ work so it has always been a part of my life and an interest for me. I watched a lot of documentaries when I was younger, and I remember watching one on VHS called ‘Microscosmos’ which intrigued me and made me fall in love with that style of storytelling. I feel that I can give more to the community through my storytelling which is why I am pursuing film as a career.

I love Bristol as a city, especially the nightlife and I enjoy climbing. My brother describes me as hardworking and responsible.

Background & challenges

I find the Film industry to be challenging in itself. You often find opportunities to work on smaller projects, but it’s not always constant work and you have to keep restarting. My other challenge would be relocating to the UK from Mexico. I had to start from scratch here in the UK again, and people sometimes assume there is a knowledge gap with me when it comes to film just because I am not from the UK. It’s so frustrating because I feel like I have often been overlooked.

I decided to Google support options and saw Babbasa online. I enquired with Babbasa and appreciated getting a response from a person rather than an automated response as it made me feel supported. It’s nice to have other people from a professional point of view be your cheerleaders and encourage you to go for opportunities.

How has Babbasa helped and supported you?

I signed up to the Placement programme and worked with Husnaa who gave feedback on my CV. Husnaa told me about the Offspring Films work experience and even though I replied a whole month later, Husnaa supported me very quickly. I found the application process very simple and when I was shortlisted, Helen from Offspring made me feel comfortable during the interview process.

I was very happy during my week with Offspring Films. I did storyboards with a drone which I hadn’t done before so it was a positive challenge for me, exercising so many abilities was very cool, everyone was super nice, being able to meet and connect with so many professionals was very helpful. I am sad that the week had to come to an end.

I feel very happy that I’ve had this opportunity through Babbasa. It’s in the city I want to be in, in the field I want to be in. I hope that having this additional experience on my CV will help me in my journey towards stable employment within the industry.

Looking ahead

After my week of work experience, I had heard that following up is helpful, so I had the confidence to reach out to people with my new experience in mind, and from this, I had replied connecting me with their recruiters.

In the future, I would like to be a producer – I like what Babbasa does in supporting ethnic minorities and would also like to be more inclusive and support Latin people. Our biodiversity is often filmed with outsourced staff, but I’d like to be able to find the talent within my country when it comes to wildlife film too.

My piece of advice to my younger self would be, it’s okay to be upset for a little while when things aren’t working out, but keep trying and back yourself.