So, I have Chrohn’s disease, which is a disability. When I was diagnosed, I didn’t know what was going on and I wasn’t very well.

I think my barriers were because I want to get into the film industry and there are quite a lot of barriers, like long working hours, and high stress levels. These are things that can trigger Chrohn’s.

I thought, this isn’t going to be possible.

But then I looked for supportive networks. I thought back to myself and was like, yes I can do it. I just need to go about it a different way, and that is when I found Babbasa.

You’ve got to attend different appointments. With the industry it can be difficult, because I’ve got to go out for infusions at hospital.

Sometimes this can take up a whole half day, so yeah it’s about finding ways in coping and going to jobs and being like, this is me. This is my package. Bristol Creative Industries (BCI) really supported me with this.

Honestly, my dream job came true. Growing up in Bristol, Aardman was always on my radar. I absolutely loved it. And then when I saw this internship, I thought I am definitely applying for this.

And yeah, it pretty much made my dreams come true.