The Challenge Programme 2024 brings:
Mend Earth: Bridging Communities & Climate Action!

About the Challenge Programme

As per Gartner HR Research, 2022, a meagre 29% of employees expressed that their leaders are empathetic. Babbasa identified this important gap and launched the Challenge Programme, a 3 to 6-month-long leadership training 16–30-year-olds from varied communities. It entails planning, developing, and delivering a social impact project in the bustling city of Bristol. Funded by the National lottery, the Challenge Programme is significant for building consciousness among young people for issues that affect communities and the world and builds powerful skills such as project design and management, public relations, communications, community outreach and business development. This year’s theme is Green and Sustainability Sectors!


Mend Earth: Bridging Communities & Climate Action

The Challenge Programme 2024 brings you Mend Earth: Bridging Communities & Climate Action! Locked in for Saturday 4 May 2024, the programme’s cohort is planning a one-of-kind event to inform, demystify climate action and make it more accessible for young people from low-income and marginalised communities in Bristol.


The young people behind the event:

This year’s diverse cohort comes from varied backgrounds and fields, but all unite under the call for making climate action, approachable. Operating as a mini-organisation, we are divided into 4 teams, which are: Communications, Outreach, Business Development and Operations – each doing outstanding work for our event.

Congregating in person every Monday since 5th February 2024 at Babbasa’s office in Backfields House, the group has extensively deliberated on topics such as climate justice, sustainable practices, and ways of tackling them, intersectionally and from a community perspective.

We share a deep passion for joining the forces of both social and climate justice together through which Mend Earth came to fruition. Mend Earth is an event to foster dialogue on climate and sustainability, targeted primarily towards low-income and marginalised communities. These communities face multiple layers of discrimination and are at the frontlines of experiencing devastating impacts of climate change, making them the biggest beneficiaries of our event.


The Challenge Programme 2024 cohort principles are:

🌱 Accountability
🌱 Active Listening
🌱 Compassion
🌱 Passion

What to expect from the event: 

From sustainability workshops on upcycling, food and travel to live music and more, this is your chance to connect with fellow climate enthusiasts, learn about the climate emergency and fight it.

Join us for an afternoon filled with inspiration & long-term actions! Don’t miss out to be a part of this one-of-a-kind event.

Join Mend Earth on Saturday 4 May 2024 for an afternoon filled with interactive activities
and meeting like-minded climate enthusiasts! Get your free ticket here.

By Mae Gh.