My name is Rasheed I am 23. My friends would describe me as funny, a typical Scorpio and loving.

I enjoy creative writing, song writing, story writing and I like to play the piano. I am passionate about the arts and advocacy work. I enjoy walking, going to the theatre when I can, eating in nice restaurants with friends and family.

I had a phone call with Pravanya shortly after moving back home from Uni. Telling her all my aspirations and she told me that Babbasa was something that sounded very aligned with things that are important to me. They definitely are, and I would highly recommend anyone interested to get involved.

I am more confident now, I had the opportunity to pitch to Greenpeace, Channel 4 and Silverback films about why young people in Bristol need to be prioritised for opportunities, especially with the ongoing pandemic. All the team at Babbasa have been so friendly and it has been great to work with Pravanya, Zoe and Hersi.

But all the Youth Ambassadors are also fantastic and it was really great to work with them to achieve good results for young people. It was nice to meet people who are committed and dedicated to making a change in Bristol like me, and I will take these memories with me wherever I go!

I want to continue to volunteer, so whilst I can’t be a Youth Ambassador anymore I feel empowered and equipped to pursue other projects where I can make a difference, and I’m grateful to Babbasa for helping me with this.

I am currently the Communications and Engagement intern in the Mayor’s Office.In my time in the Mayor’s office I have developed my confidence in speaking to people across different levels of the council. I have also engaged with members of the public through drafting social media content on the Mayor’s channels. I have had the opportunity to have meetings with cabinet members like Councillor Helen Godwin who has the portfolio of women, families and homes and Councillor Asher Craig who has the portfolio of Communities and Public Health. These were highlights for me as I am passionate about people and families and I did a lot of Family based modules in my final year of legal study. I have learnt how to write briefings for the Mayor’s events, and how to respond to queries in the Mayoral inbox. It has been an invaluable experience for me, learning what working in a political environment is like, and having my first experience of working within an office.