My name’s Tamelia Smith and I’m 18 years old. Some of my favourite things to do include listening to music and watching movies. I currently work a part time retail job after leaving college in the first half of the year, but my real interests lie in media and law. My ultimate aspiration is to have a career in law and to be financially stable and independent. I believe that in order to achieve this I’ll need to go university and complete a law degree, find a specific area of interest in law and to find a good law firm for me.

The last challenge I had to overcome was making sure I kept my motivation and determination to finish sixth form to ensure I come out with the best grades I can get despite having to do most of it online. What motivated me to overcome that was by thinking about the future and how this is the first step to getting where I want to be. It also made me realise how there will be lots of similar challenges in the future and I’ll have to overcome those too.

I heard about Babbasa from my English literature teacher who wanted the best for my future and would present me with multiple sources and opportunities to do so. Since joining their Placement Programme I’ve landed a Legal Work Placement with Sun Life UK! I’m excited to get started on this journey later in August. A lot is changing and things are coming fast from different aspects of life and despite it being overwhelming at times I feel confident in life, work and education.

In 6 months I see myself in university displaying my potential. In a year I see myself knowing for sure what direction I want to go both life and career wise

If I could give anyone advice I’d say that self discovery, knowing who you are and what you aren’t is the first step for most things because you can’t compare yourselves to others as we’re all individuals with dissimilar life journeys that’s tailored to the individual for a reason.

We believe Bristol’s most marginalised deserve access to support at their own pace; have their voices heard; and have access to real work opportunities.

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